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Hinkley Point C

The go to logistics company for the majority of palletised deliveries to HPC

HPC Delivery & Storage Solutions

Jays Logistics offer a full package of delivery and storage services to Hinkley Point C Power Station build.

We are working with most of the tier 1 suppliers and their supply chains and we have already become the go to logistics company for the majority of palletised deliveries to the site.

Hinkley Point C (HPC) is a controlled and secure site that only pre-authorised vehicles and personnel can enter. Our vehicles are site compliant and our drivers have had extensive training culminating in them receiving permanent site passes.
We have direct access to the Delivery Management System (DMS) to book and manage all our deliveries without requiring interaction with site personnel.

We offer a daily consolidation service for palletised freight, using this service means that we are enhancing the supply chain, reducing the footprint and impact to the local communities and using fewer delivery slots, releasing these for other uses.

Our vehicles can take 20-30 separate deliveries at a time, servicing all delivery points on site and by utilising our tail lift fleet we do not require mechanical help for most deliveries on site.

We are based only 11 miles away from the J24 (B) marshalling site and when the J23 site (A)  is active this is only 5 miles from our site .

See details of our Freight Consolidation Centre here

Hinkley Point C Deliveries

HPC Services Provided

Standard Pallet Delivery

Consolidated with our deliveries booked & managed by ourselves, either dropped into our site or Collected from anywhere in the UK or Europe.


We have racked warehouses than can store product for call off, we can also provide pick & pack operations.


We can offer a service to receive rejected deliveries, hold them for you to collect & redeliver or organise the redelivery for you.

General Haulage

We can offer a service and provide transport from vans to artic loads, 1 – 26 pallets, loads up to 28t. We also have a general haulage fleet that can provide flatbeds, moffats etc.

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